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Your business card design represents more than just a piece of paper and your contact information. Much like a resume, the business card represents someone's first impression of your company. What do you want that first impression to be? Do you want your card to stand out from the stack of other business cards that they hold in their hand?

When you have our professional business card designer create your company business cards, you can be certain that they will be distinctive, well branded and memorable. All our business card designs are custom made, and created to fit into your company's corporate identity and branding.

Techness provides your with the complete business card design package; Large & Small business business card solutions that include professional business card and cheap business card printing. Select from a range of paper styles including satin finish business cards, environmentally friendly business cards and foil stamped business cards.

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Need to have your marketing materials printed but don`t have the time or experience to search for the best printer that suits each project.

Let us take over these tedious tasks and save yourself valuable time and costly mistakes.

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Change With Your Environment

The way you market your business has evolved. Your target customers are
turning to the internet to find
the goods and services they
need. Will they find you?

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Custom Business Cards

Have our professional graphic artists design and print your business cards.

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Business Card Design Services

Good Business Card Design

The Branding

Business cards design need to follow the branding of the company which includes a easily visible logo, color scheme and consistent typography.

The Design

A common mistake we see is that when placing images within a business card design, the print resolution is not considered and once the business cards are printed, the images turn out looking terrible due to pixelation.

The Paper, Printing & Finishing

Commonly overlooked, the feel of the business cards thickness & its finishing has a direct effect on the quality of the business card. The sense of touch can be an effective way of relating your desired impression and making your business card stand out.

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