Search Engine Marketing Services (SEM)

Being a Vancouver based search engine marketing firm since 1999, we have helped many of our clients experience exciting results from their search engine marketing campaign. Many companies posting sales jumps of over 300% in just a few months, it's no wonder that our search engine marketing services are a popular choice among our clients in Vancouver and across the world. No matter if you are a small business or a large corporation, we can help you with your search engine marketing endeavors.

What does your search engine marketing firm provide?

Search Engine Optimization: Get your website to show up at the top of the organic search engine results for the keyword phrases that will get you the best targeted traffic. Search Engine Optimization is the long term strategy for your search engine marketing and best results come after 6 - 12 months of continuous SEO practices.
PPC Advertising: The short term search engine marketing strategy that uses services offered by Yahoo and Google, where you can bid to pay for each click that comes from their sponsored search results. An effective and cost effective method to get targeted traffic immediately.

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Print Marketing Management

Need to have your marketing materials printed but don`t have the time or experience to search for the best printer that suits each project.

Let us take over these tedious tasks and save yourself valuable time and costly mistakes.

Printing Services in Vancouver

Change With Your Environment

The way you market your business has evolved. Your target customers are
turning to the internet to find
the goods and services they
need. Will they find you?

Learn how with our:
Internet Marketing Services

Custom Business Cards

Have our professional graphic artists design and print your business cards.

New Print Products:
Silk Business Cards

Eco-Friendly Business Cards

Business Card Design Services

Search Engine Marketing Costs

Is Search Engine Marketing Affordable?

The costs involved in search engine optimization & pay per click advertising are all dependent on the amount of attention your campaign requires to achieve the desired results. Unlike most search engine marketing companies that will hype the results to get you in the door, our business philosophy is to inform our client of realistic expectations based on their timeline and budget. Our search engine marketing consultant will let you know exactly what to expect so you can accurately judge if your search engine marketing effort will have a healthy return on investment.

The search engine marketing services are charged based on 2 phases. Initial Setup & Monthly Maintenance. Most other companies will force you into a 1 year contract. Not Techness! We offer short term maintenance contracts so you can feel comfortable with your decision and not feel locked in. Contact Us today for a free quote.

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