Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO)

With over 40 million websites on the internet today, how are people going to find your website?. They find you through search engines likes Google, MSN & Yahoo. Statistics show that over 70% of first time visitors to a website come from search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves the application of various industry techniques to your website, that enable your website to rank highly on the organic results for keyword phrases that are used by your target market. Techness, a Vancouver Search Engine Optimization Company, has been providing affordable SEO services to companies from around the world since 1999.

Our 2 phase Search Engine Optimization process

Phase 1: Involves performing an SEO audit of your current website, reviewing your competition's seo tactics & researching your target market search trends. Once selecting the optimal keyword phrases, phase 1 is wrapped up with the implementation of the keyword rich copy.

Phase 2: Your expert SEO manager builds a link visability campaign to increase the number of quality inbound links from other websites in order to raise the search engines quality score of your site. Over the next months, we monitor your traffic, keyword ranks make copy changes and provide detailed reporting.

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Search Engine Optimization Tip

Choosing a Search Engine Optimization Firm

Ask for refences of their previous work. You can get a good idea of their abilities by looking at how competitive the keywords for the refences are. If they send you a reference for a #1 ranking search engine results, "Quality Window Coverings in Antartica" Don't be too impressed.

Redflags! If a search engine optimization company guarantees you top 10 results in a short period of time, at a very cheap rate, be very cautious. What might seem like a great deal at first turns out to be a real nightmare in the long term, as these companies do not practice ethical search engine optimization standards. In the beginning you may experience positive results, but these firms undergo "illegal" procedures to get these results. Eventually your website will be caught

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