Web Site Usability Testing & Professional Consulting

Our usability consulting services will inform you how to maximize the effectiveness of your website resulting in visitors spending more time on your site and ultimately increasing sales.

The usability testing experts of Techness, review your site to indicate flaws in the fundamentals of user friendly design. With the use of analytics analysis & user-click heat map software, we show you exactly how your site is being used, and pin point web pages that need to be made more web user friendly. Located in Vancouver Canada, we provide usability testing services to web sites worldwide. Contact us today for a free web usability consultation.

How do I know if I need web site usability testing?

Sales Conversion to Visitor Ratio : If your website is getting allot of traffic, but your conversion ratio is below average, there could be a problem with your site's ability to retain visitors.

Launching a New Web site: Having spent all that time and money to setup your website and begin your online marketing strategy, how important is it to ensure there are no critical usability issues?

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Print Marketing Management

Need to have your marketing materials printed but don`t have the time or experience to search for the best printer that suits each project.

Let us take over these tedious tasks and save yourself valuable time and costly mistakes.

Printing Services in Vancouver

Change With Your Environment

The way you market your business has evolved. Your target customers are
turning to the internet to find
the goods and services they
need. Will they find you?

Learn how with our:
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Custom Business Cards

Have our professional graphic artists design and print your business cards.

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Ecommerce Usability Testing

Shopping Cart Check Our Process
The checkout process of your shopping cart is an important stage of your customers shopping experience. New customers tend to be very cautious when placing their first order, anything that makes them uncomfortable can lead to abandonment of the shopping cart. We track your shopping cart success rate through our web site analysis services and then advise you changes that need to be made.

Search Engine Optimization Usability

Is your website being readily spidered by the search engines? Are the spiders able to crawl your site completely or are there some issues with the ecommerce website design? Are you not getting all your product pages listed in the search engines? We can ensure that your site is properly optimized for search engines.

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